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Which machine suitable for screening of silica fume slurry

January 13, 2022

Latest company case about Which machine suitable for screening of silica fume slurry

Which machine suitable for screening of silica fume slurry


Silica fume mud is generally more common in the construction industry. Compared with ordinary mud, the structure and work performance of silica fume mud are better.


Some time ago, an Indonesian customer sent material information to seek a solution for screening silica fume slurry. The customer wants to remove the large particles in the silica mortar slurry. Because it is a liquid, the required mesh is very fine, the output requires 3m3/h, and the discharge ratio is about 98%. According to customer needs, we recommend a high-frequency screen 1000mm.


latest company case about Which machine suitable for screening of silica fume slurry  0

The high frequency screen has high efficiency, small amplitude and high screening frequency. It is an effective equipment for the screening and grading of fine-grained materials. It is widely used in the screening or grading operations of iron ore, tin, tungsten, tantalum, niobium sand and other concentrators. The high-frequency screen uses high frequency to destroy the tension on the surface of the slurry and the high-speed oscillation of fine-grained materials on the screen surface, accelerate the useful minerals with a relatively large density and the separation effect, and increase the probability that materials smaller than the separated particle size will contact the sieve holes, resulting in Better separation conditions, so that materials smaller than the separation particle size, especially high-density materials and ore pulp, are screened out through the sieve.


Eversun's high-frequency screens mainly have the following advantages:

1. High vibration frequency and low amplitude can effectively reduce the surface tension of the slurry, which is conducive to the separation and stratification of fine and heavy materials and speeds up the penetration of fine and heavy materials.

2. Adopting laminated screen, the single-layer aperture is enlarged, the life of the screen is increased, anti-blocking and anti-wear

3. Multi-channel feeding, high screen surface utilization, large equipment processing capacity and low power consumption.

4. The rubber spring supports the screen frame, vibration isolation and sound absorption, low noise, small dynamic load of the equipment, and no concrete foundation.

5. The screen machine adopts a new principle design, which is a new structure of high-efficiency screen surface vibrating screening machine.


Eversun machinery (Henan)Co,.Ltd was established in 2003, Eversun Machinery is a professional manufacturer of screening and conveying equipment, product quality system has been strictly certified by ISO9001:2005 and CE national standards.


Our main product are Sieving machine, Vibro filter, Ultrasonic vibrating screen, Vacuum conveyor, Dumpting station,


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