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Food Grade Grains Ribbon Mixer Cocopeat Agitator Ribbon Mixer For Sugar Powder

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EVERSUN
Certification: ISO,CE
Model Number: RNWLDH
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000SETS/YEAR
Detail Information
Name: Food Grade Ribbon Mixer Usage: Mixing Material
Application: Powders, Particles, Viscous Materials Size: Customized
Function: Heating/cooling/vacuum Type: Ordinary/explosion-proof
High Light:

Sugar Powder Ribbon Mixer


Food Grade Grains Ribbon Mixer


Cocopeat Agitator Ribbon Mixer

Product Description

Food Grade Grains Ribbon Mixer Cocopeat Agitator Ribbon Mixer For Sugar Powder


Product introduction


1) The ribbon mixer is a common industrial mixing equipment, widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. It is mainly composed of one or more spiral conveyor belts, which shear, extrude and stir the materials inside the machine body to achieve efficient mixing. Compared with the traditional mixing tank, the ribbon mixer has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption and easy cleaning.

2) Different models of machines can handle materials from tens of kilograms to several tons, meeting the needs from pilot research and development to small and medium-sized batch production. By reasonably selecting parameters such as screw structure, speed and heating function, the ribbon mixer can adapt to the mixing requirements of various powdery, granular or viscous materials, and is an ideal production equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Technical specification

Model Motor power (kw)



Primary mixing
(kg)m ³
L*W*H(mm) Weight (kg)
WLDH-0.5 5.5 41 400 2900*780*1240 1000
WLDH-2 15 33 1600 3860*1200*1650 2200
WLDH-4 22 28 3200 4600*1400*2000 4000
WLDH-6 37 22 4800 5400*1560*2200 6280
WLDH-8 45 22 6400 5100*1720*2420 8500
WLDH-10 55 19 8000 5610*1750*2360 9300
WLDH-15 90 17 12000 5820*2000*3160 11000
WLDH-20 110 11 16000 6060*2630*3160 13500
More model can be customized














Food Grade Grains Ribbon Mixer Cocopeat Agitator Ribbon Mixer For Sugar Powder 0




1. Good mixing effect: The spiral belt shears, squeezes and stirs the materials inside the machine body, which can achieve uniform and efficient mixing. It is especially suitable for mixing powdery, granular or viscous materials with different properties.
2. Strong continuity: The materials can be continuously conveyed and mixed, and the production efficiency is high. Compared with intermittent mixing tanks, it is more suitable for small and medium batch production.
3. Low energy consumption: The operation of the spiral belt is relatively simple, the motor power is small, and the energy consumption is low. Compared with pneumatic or hydraulic driven mixing equipment, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
4. Easy to clean: The spiral belt is easy to disassemble and only needs to be simply cleaned when cleaning. The risk of material residue and cross contamination is reduced.
5. Good temperature control performance: The optional heating system is suitable for materials that require temperature control. Accurate temperature control is conducive to the regulation of process parameters.


Food Grade Grains Ribbon Mixer Cocopeat Agitator Ribbon Mixer For Sugar Powder 1

Food Grade Grains Ribbon Mixer Cocopeat Agitator Ribbon Mixer For Sugar Powder 2



1. Powdered materials:
Various chemical powders, such as plastic additives, pigments, dyes, etc.; food raw material powders, such as flour, sugar, starch, seasonings, etc.
Pharmaceutical raw materials and auxiliary powders, building materials, such as cement, lime, fly ash, etc., ceramic raw material powders, such as clay, feldspar, quartz, etc.
2. Granular materials:
Plastic particles and various modified plastic granules, various grains, dried vegetables and other food raw materials; chemical granular products, such as fertilizers, catalysts, etc.; mineral particles, such as sand, gravel and other building materials.
3. Semi-solid materials:
Viscous chemical products, such as rubber, adhesives, etc.; high-viscosity food materials such as chocolate and jam; certain ointments and ointments; some engineering plastic melts.
4. Temperature-sensitive materials:
Some thermoplastic raw materials
Some biochemical products and pharmaceutical intermediates; some food raw materials that are easily oxidized or thermally decomposed.

Food Grade Grains Ribbon Mixer Cocopeat Agitator Ribbon Mixer For Sugar Powder 3



Service and ordering


                                                Our service

1. Consulting service
Provide professional equipment selection suggestions based on the specific production needs of customers. Provide detailed introduction and description of the functions, parameters, applicable materials, etc. of the equipment.
2. Repair and maintenance
Establish a complete after-sales service network and provide fast-response repair support.
3. Technical support
Provide customers with technical guidance such as equipment optimization and process improvement.
4. Spare parts supply
Establish spare parts inventory to ensure that customers can get the required accessories at any time.

Food Grade Grains Ribbon Mixer Cocopeat Agitator Ribbon Mixer For Sugar Powder 4

How to choose ribbon blender


You can choose the appropriate screw structure, speed, power, heating/cooling system and other parameters. Generally speaking, single screw is suitable for small batches, twin screw is suitable for medium batches, and multi-screw is suitable for large batches. In addition, different machine structures such as V-type and U-type can be selected to meet different materials and production requirements.

When selecting a model, you should fully consider the actual production needs, balance various factors, and choose a reliable, economical and applicable ribbon mixer model. You can contact us for customized design.

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