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High Precision Horizontal Vibrating Screen Ultrasonic Screening Machine For Fine Powder

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EVERSUN
Certification: ISO, CE
Model Number: EXZS
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden box
Delivery Time: within 7-15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C
Supply Ability: 5000SETS/YEAR
Detail Information
Product Name: Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Fuction: Screening/filtration
Screen Size: 200-2600 Mm Noise Level: ≤75dB
Screen Mesh: 20 Microns To 20 Mm Power: 0.25-4.5KW
Screen Layer: 1-5 Layers Capacity: 0-10t/h
High Light:

Horizontal Ultrasonic Screening Machine


Wire Woven Mesh Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen


Fine Powder Ultrasonic Sieving Machine

Product Description

Product Description:

Ultrasonic Screening Machine - High Efficiency Screening for Fine Powder

The Ultrasonic Screening Machine is a high-tech and efficient screening equipment that is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and other industries. It utilizes ultrasonic vibration to achieve precise and efficient screening of fine powder materials.


The Ultrasonic Screening Machinehas a screen size range of 200-2600 mm, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It can handle a variety of materials with screen meshes ranging from 20 microns to 20 mm. With a capacity of 0-10t/h, it is ideal for small to medium-sized production lines.


Ultrasonic Generator and Transducer

The Ultrasonic Screening Machine comes equipped with an ultrasonic generator and transducer, which converts electrical energy into high-frequency vibrations. This technology improves the screening efficiency and accuracy, making it an essential component of the screening process.

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Ultrasonic Screening Machine
Application Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Etc.
Screen Size 200-2600 Mm
Screen Layer 1-5 Layers
Screen Material Wire Woven Mesh
Material Stainless Steel304/316L, Carbon Steel
Function Screening/Filtration
Noise Level ≤75dB
Screen Mesh 20 Microns To 20 Mm
Power 0.25-4.5KW
Special Keywords Ultrasonic Screen, Ultrasonic Cleaning Vibrating Sieve, Ultrasonic Screen Separator


High Precision Horizontal Vibrating Screen Ultrasonic Screening Machine For Fine Powder 0


Product Features
  • High Efficiency: The Ultrasonic Screening Machine utilizes high-frequency vibrations to efficiently separate and filter materials, resulting in a higher screening efficiency compared to traditional vibrating screens.
  • Precise Screening: The ultrasonic vibration enables the screen to achieve precise and accurate screening of materials, ensuring the quality and consistency of the end product.
  • Low Noise: The use of ultrasonic vibration reduces the noise level of the screening process, providing a more comfortable working environment.
  • Easy to Maintain: The simple design of the Ultrasonic Screening Machine makes it easy to disassemble and clean, allowing for easy maintenance and prolonging its lifespan.
  • Screen Material - Wire Woven Mesh: The screen material is made of high-quality wire woven mesh, which is durable and has a longer service life, ensuring a smooth and efficient screening process.


Ultrasonic Screening Machine - Perfect for Your Screening and Filtration Needs

The Ultrasonic Screening Machine from EVERSUN is a top-of-the-line sieving and filtration solution for various industries. It is specifically designed to meet the screening and filtering needs of businesses, making it a versatile and efficient tool for any workplace.


It can screen and filter materials efficiently and effectively. It is capable of handling both dry and wet materials, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and many more.


In conclusion, the Ultrasonic Screening Machine from EVERSUN is a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution for all your screening and filtration needs. With its advanced technology, customizable features, and high-quality material, it is the perfect addition to any workplace. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how the Ultrasonic Screening Machine can benefit your business.


High Precision Horizontal Vibrating Screen Ultrasonic Screening Machine For Fine Powder 1


Customized services:


1. Screen Deck Design: The screen deck can be customized in terms of size, shape, and number of layers to accommodate the desired screening process and production capacity. You can discuss your specific needs with the equipment manufacturer to design the optimal screen deck configuration
2. Screen Mesh: The screen mesh can be customized based on the material being screened and the desired particle size distribution. Different mesh materials, such as stainless steel or polyurethane, can be selected. The mesh size and pattern can also be tailored to meet the specific application requirements.
3. Ultrasonic System: The ultrasonic system can be customized in terms of frequency, power, and distribution. Depending on the material characteristics and desired screening efficiency, the ultrasonic parameters can be adjusted to optimize the screening process. The number and positioning of ultrasonic transducers can also be determined to ensure effective ultrasonic energy transmission.
4. Feeding and Discharge Options: The feeding and discharge methods can be customized based on the production line layout and material handling requirements. Options include gravity feeding, conveyor belt feeding, or even integrating the ultrasonic screening machine with other equipment for seamless material flow.
5. Additional Features: Depending on your specific needs, additional features can be incorporated, such as dust collection systems, noise reduction measures, quick-change screen mesh systems, and easy maintenance access points.
High Precision Horizontal Vibrating Screen Ultrasonic Screening Machine For Fine Powder 2

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping of Ultrasonic Screening Machine

Our Ultrasonic Screening Machine is carefully packaged to ensure safe transportation and delivery to our customers. We use high-quality materials and techniques to protect the equipment from any damage during shipping.

The product is first wrapped with a layer of protective film to prevent any scratches or dents. It is then placed in a sturdy wooden box and secured with straps to prevent movement during transit. The wooden box is further reinforced with foam padding to provide additional cushioning.

For international deliveries, we use reliable shipping companies with a proven track record of delivering goods on time and in good condition. The package is also labeled with clear instructions and handling precautions to ensure safe handling and delivery.


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1. Q: What is an ultrasonic screening machine?

A: An ultrasonic screening machine is a type of vibrating screen that utilizes ultrasonic technology. It applies high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to the screen surface, which helps prevent screen clogging, improves screening efficiency, and enhances the accuracy of particle separation.
2. Q: How does an ultrasonic screening machine work?
A: An ultrasonic screening machine consists of a vibrating screen deck and an ultrasonic generator. The ultrasonic generator emits high-frequency vibrations that are applied to the screen surface through ultrasonic transducers. These vibrations create a fine, high-frequency motion on the screen, reducing the friction between particles and the screen mesh, thus preventing clogging and improving the screening process.
3. Q: What types of materials can be screened using an ultrasonic screening machine?
A: Ultrasonic screening machines can be used to screen a wide range of materials, including powders, granules, slurries, viscous materials, and difficult-to-screen substances. They find applications in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals, and many others.
4. Q: Can an ultrasonic screening machine be used for wet materials?
A: Yes, ultrasonic screening machines are suitable for wet materials. The high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations help reduce the adhesion between particles and the screen mesh, enhancing the screening efficiency of wet materials and minimizing the risk of clogging.

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