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1 - 5 Layers 200 - 2600 Mm Ultrasonic Sieving Machine For Battery Material

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EVERSUN
Certification: ISO, CE
Model Number: EXZS
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden box
Delivery Time: within 7-15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, L/C
Supply Ability: 5000SETS/YEAR
Detail Information
Power: 0.25-4.5KW Screen Size: 200-2600 Mm
Screen Mesh: 20 Microns To 20 Mm Product Name: Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen
Noise Level: ≤75dB Application: Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Etc.
Screen Layer: 1-5 Layers Material: Stainless Steel304/316L,carbon Steel
High Light:

200mm Ultrasonic Sieving Machine


5 Layers Ultrasonic Sieving Machine


Battery Material Ultrasonic Sieving Machine

Product Description

Product Description:

1-5 Layers 200-2600 Mm Ultrasonic sieving machine screener for battery material


The Ultrasonic sieving machine, also known as the ultrasonic vibration screen or ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen, is designed to improve the screening efficiency and accuracy of traditional vibrating screens. It uses an ultrasonic system to create high-frequency vibrations, which break the static bonding between the particles on the screen surface and prevent them from blocking the screen holes. This results in a smoother screening process and a higher screening efficiency.It is commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, and metallurgy, and is especially suitable for materials with high viscosity or fine particles.


The primary function of the Ultrasonic sieving machine is screening and filtration. It effectively separates materials according to their particle size, ensuring a uniform and precise screening process. The ultrasonic system also helps to reduce the amount of impurities in the final product, making it ideal for industries with strict quality control standards..

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters Product Name
Noise Level ≤75dB
Material Stainless Steel304/316L,carbon Steel
Screen Material Wire Woven Mesh
Power 0.25-4.5KW
Screen Mesh 20 Microns To 20 Mm
Screen Size 200-2600 Mm
Capacity 0-10t/h
Screen Layer 1-5 Layers
Function Screening/filtration
Product Name Ultrasonic screening machine
Rotary vibrating screen with ultrasonic system
Ultrasonic cleaning vibrating sieve
Ultrasonic vibrating screen for fine powders
Ultrasonic vibrating screen for sieving


1 - 5 Layers 200 - 2600 Mm Ultrasonic Sieving Machine For Battery Material 0


  • High screening efficiency
  • Accurate screening results
  • Prevents screen blocking
  • Reduces impurities in final product
  • Flexible and customizable power options
  • Wide range of screen sizes available
  • Suitable for various industries and materials
  • Easy to operate and maintain


Application and Scene of Ultrasonic sieving machine

The Ultrasonic sieving machine from EVERSUN is equipped with ultrasonic system, which utilizes the high frequency vibrations to break the surface tension of the particles and increase the sieving efficiency. It is suitable for sieving and filtering materials with high precision and high mesh size, making it perfect for handling fine powders.

The Ultrasonic sieving machine has a sleek and compact design, making it easy to integrate into existing production lines. It is also highly customizable, with screen layers ranging from 1 to 5 layers, allowing it to meet the specific needs of different industries.


1 - 5 Layers 200 - 2600 Mm Ultrasonic Sieving Machine For Battery Material 1

Customization options:

1. Screen material and structure: According to the characteristics of the material and screening requirements, screens of different materials and structures can be selected, such as stainless steel mesh, polymer mesh or special alloy mesh. The pore size, hole pattern and layout of the screen can also be customized as needed.
2. Equipment size and capacity: The size and capacity of the Ultrasonic sieving machine can be adjusted according to process requirements and processing capabilities. Customized equipment can be adapted to specific production line layouts and throughput needs.
3. Ultrasonic parameters: The frequency and amplitude of ultrasonic vibration can be customized according to the characteristics of the material. Depending on the screening task, the ultrasonic parameters can be adjusted to achieve optimal screening results and cleaning effects.
4. Automated control system: Customized ultrasonic sieving machines can be equipped with advanced automated control systems, including touch screen interfaces, PLC control, remote monitoring and other functions to improve the operational convenience and production efficiency of the equipment.
5. Special requirements and additional functions: Customized designs can be made according to special needs, such as explosion-proof design, dust-proof device, heating system, etc. In addition, additional functions can be added, such as ultrasonic screen cleaning systems, dust recovery devices, etc.
1 - 5 Layers 200 - 2600 Mm Ultrasonic Sieving Machine For Battery Material 2

Packing and Shipping:

Ultrasonic Sieving Machine Packaging and Shipping

Our Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure its safe arrival to your location. The packaging includes:

  • Strong and durable wooden case
  • Bubble wrap for extra protection
  • Foam padding to prevent any damage during transportation

Our standard shipping method is by sea, but we can also arrange air or land transportation upon request. The delivery time may vary depending on your location and chosen shipping method. We will provide you with a tracking number once your order has been shipped so you can easily track its progress.


1 - 5 Layers 200 - 2600 Mm Ultrasonic Sieving Machine For Battery Material 3


1. Q: What is the difference between Ultrasonic sieving machine and ordinary one?
A: The Ultrasonic sieving machine adds ultrasonic technology to the ordinary rotary vibrating screen. It can prevent screen holes from clogging and improve screening efficiency and accuracy.
2. Q: Is the Ultrasonic sieving machine suitable for materials?
A: Ultrasonic sieving machine can be used to screen different types of materials such as powdery materials, granular materials and viscous materials.
3. Q: What is the screening accuracy of Ultrasonic sieving machine?
A: Ultrasonic sieving machine can achieve higher screening accuracy. Can achieve fine screening effect.
4. Q: Is the Ultrasonic sieving machine suitable for screening wet materials?
A: Ultrasonic sieving machine is suitable for screening wet materials. Ultrasonic vibration can effectively reduce the adhesion of wet materials on the screen and reduce the risk of screen hole clogging.

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