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Reliable Performance Industrial Sifter Vibro Screening Machine For Superior Results

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EVERSUN
Certification: ISO, CE
Model Number: B
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden cases
Delivery Time: within 7-15 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000sets/year
Detail Information
Voltage: 110-480 V Capacity: 50-2000 Kg/hour
Screen Size: 20 Microns To 20 Mm Power: 0.25-4.5kw
Sizing Accuracy: 85~95% Noise Level: Low
Application: Powder, Granule, Slurry Equipment Diameter: 200-2600mm
High Light:

Granule Vibro Screening Machine


Industrial Vibro Sifter Machine


110V Vibro Screening Machine

Product Description

Product Description:

Vibro Screening Machine is a common screening equipment, also known as vibrating screen, vibrating screen machine or vibrating screener. It uses vibration force and the screening effect of the screen to classify and separate materials according to their particle size.
Vibrating screening machines usually consist of these main parts: screen box, vibrator, wire mesh or polymer screen, spring or rubber supporting device, inlet and outlet.
During the working process, the material enters the screen box through the feed port, is affected by the vibration force, and moves along the screen surface. Larger particles will be intercepted by the screen and discharged from the discharge port, while smaller particles that meet the requirements will pass through the screen and be discharged from the discharge port.
Vibrating screening machines are widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food, mining, building materials and other fields, and are used for screening, grading, impurity removal and solid-liquid separation of materials. It has efficient and precise screening capabilities and can be adjusted and optimized according to the characteristics of the material and screening requirements to achieve the best screening effect.

Technical Parameters:

MaterialStainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Screen Size20 Microns To 20 Mm
Product NameVibro Sifter Machine
Equipment diameter200-2600mm
Warranty1 Year
Sizing Accuracy85~95%
Voltage110-480 V
Noise LevelLow
ApplicationPowder, Granule, Slurry
Vibrating sieve machineYes
Vibro sifter equipmentYes
Vibrating sieve machineYes
Vibration separatorYes

Reliable Performance Industrial Sifter Vibro Screening Machine For Superior Results 0


1. Efficient screening: Vibrating screening machines can screen materials quickly and effectively through the action of vibration force and screen mesh. It can achieve high-throughput screening capabilities and improve production efficiency.
2. Multi-layer screening: Vibrating screening machines usually have a multi-layer screen structure and can perform multi-stage screening and classification at the same time. In this way, materials can be divided into different granularity levels according to their granularity requirements.
3. Adjustment performance: The vibrating screening machine has adjustable vibration force and vibration frequency, which can be adjusted according to material characteristics and screening requirements. By adjusting the vibration parameters, the screening effect and output can be optimized.
4. Multiple screen selections: The screens of the vibrating screening machine can be selected according to material characteristics and screening requirements. The screens have different apertures and mesh shapes, which can adapt to materials in different particle size ranges.
5. Reliable and stable: The vibrating screening machine adopts stable structural design and reasonable support devices, which has good stability and reliability during operation. It can withstand large vibration and impact forces and ensure long-term stable operation.


Vibro Screening Machines are widely used in the following fields:
Ore screening and classification in the mining and metallurgical industries.
Screening and grading of sand, gravel, quartz sand, cement and other materials in the building materials industry.
Screening, classification and impurity removal of powder and granular materials in the chemical industry.
Screening, dust removal and impurity separation of pharmaceutical preparations in the pharmaceutical industry.
Screening, grading and removal of impurities from food raw materials in the food industry.
Solid-liquid separation and concentration of fly ash, quartz sand, apple juice, etc.
Screening, sorting and recycling of solid materials in garbage disposal and waste disposal.
Solid-liquid separation and sludge treatment in sewage treatment.
Treatment and purification of waste gas and waste water in environmental protection projects.
These application areas cover the wide range of applications of Vibro Screening Machines in various industries for screening, classifying, removing impurities and solid-liquid separation of materials. The high efficiency, adjustability and stability of the vibrating screen make it one of the important equipment for processing various materials.

Reliable Performance Industrial Sifter Vibro Screening Machine For Superior Results 1

Support and Services:

Vibro Sifter Machine offers techinical support and service for our customers.
Our technical support staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions, provide technical assistance and troubleshoot any issues. We also provide preventative maintenance and repair services.
Our team of certified technicians can come to your location to inspect, maintain, and repair the Vibro Sifter Machine. We can also provide remote assistance, allowing our technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues from a distance.
We also offer training services, allowing you to learn how to use the Vibro Sifter Machine correctly and efficiently. We offer online and in-person training sessions to ensure that you have the knowledge and expertise necessary to perform maintenance and repair tasks.
Reliable Performance Industrial Sifter Vibro Screening Machine For Superior Results 2

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Vibro Screening Machine:
The Vibro Screening Machine will be carefully packaged in a durable cardboard box with bubble wrap and/or foam-in-place inserts. The box will include the product, user manual, accessories, and any other necessary components. The box will then be sealed and shipped via courier service or other appropriate means.

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Q1: What is the brand name of Vibro Screening Machine?
A1: The brand name of Vibro Screening Machine is EVERSUN.
Q2: What is the model number of Vibro Screening Machine?
A2: The model number of Vibro Screening Machine is B.
Q3: Where is Vibro Screening Machine produced?
A3: Vibro Screening Machine is produced in China.
Q4: What is the purpose of Vibro Screening Machine?
A4: Vibro Screening Machine is designed for sifting and grading of dry, wet, and liquid materials.
Q5: What are the features of Vibro Screening Machine?
A5: Vibro Screening Machine features high-efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, and easy operation.

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