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Application of vacuum conveyor conveyor in various industries

January 13, 2022

Application of vacuum conveyor in various industries


With the development of economy, the application of vacuum conveyor is more and more extensive. The conveying system of the vacuum feeder can be used together with the main process equipment such as mixer, granulator, screening machine, coating machine, filling machine, packaging machine, vibrating screen, reaction kettle, and so on. In the production process of solid powder and granules in the powder industry, the conveying method of powder materials between various production links is considered to be an important issue to improve the production process and product quality.


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The high-quality solid powder feeding device of the vacuum feeder is a solid material processing process system equipment, which is widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical raw materials API, food powder, fine chemicals, etc., which greatly optimizes the production process and improves the production environment. Let's talk about the specific applications of vacuum feeders in various industries.


1. It can realize the closed feeding of powder particles, etc.; it can realize the quantitative feeding of solids to the pressure reaction kettle; it can realize the closed and isolated feeding of highly toxic materials;

2. It can realize the conveying and feeding of easy-to-oxidize materials under the protection of inert gas; it can realize the conveying and feeding of special medium materials;

3. The conveying and feeding of non-standard materials (304SS, 316L, titanium Ti, Hastelloy) can be customized according to the material;

4. It can realize continuous vacuum transportation and negative pressure transportation; it can realize the matching of the overall vacuum transportation system in the workshop; it can realize the centralized material negative pressure transportation and feeding control of the whole plant.

5. It can meet the lower standard requirements of customers' special material space discharge or the OEL value of national standard emission data requirements.


The above are the specific applications of vacuum feeders in various industries. Only the specific application range of vacuum feeders can play a greater role.


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