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The principle of the three-dimensional mixer

January 6, 2022

The principle of the three-dimensional mixer

The principle of the three-dimensional mixer is mainly accomplished by the motor and the reducer. The mixing cylinder is connected with the ends of the main and driven shafts by two Y-shaped universal suspension devices. The two universal joints are intersected and perpendicular to each other in space. When the drive shaft is dragged and rotated, the universal joint causes the cylinder to move, rotate and roll in space.The material in the three-dimensional mixer barrel follows the axial, radial and annular three-dimensional resurrection movement, called the three-dimensional motion mixer, referred to as the three-dimensional mixer. Through the three-direction rotation mixing makes a variety of materials in the cylinder flow doping and finally mixed evenly.

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3D mixer in operation, because the mixing barrel body has the multi-direction operation, so that all kinds of materials in the mixing process, accelerate the flow and diffusion, while avoiding the general mixing machine due to centrifugal force produced by the material gravity segregation and accumulation phenomenon, mixing no dead Angle, can effectively ensure the quality of mixed materials.

Features of three-dimensional mixer:

1. Short mixing time and high efficiency;

2. The mixed preparation is stable, no stratification and segregation phenomenon;

3. Mixing no dead Angle, can effectively ensure the quality of mixed materials;

4. The machine has a set of motor and cycloidal pin transmission reducer to complete its autobiography and revolution;

5. Significant energy-saving effect, the energy consumption of the machine is only 1/10 compared with that of the drum mixer;

6. The three-dimensional mixer equipment by the frame, transmission system, electrical control system, multi-direction movement mechanism;

7. The wear and pressure feed of granular materials are small, and the heat-sensitive materials are mixed without overheating reaction;

8. Advanced structure, easy operation, safe and reliable operation, cantilever double-helical shaft without bottom bearing, it eliminates the failure caused by the powder seepage of the bottom bearing;

9. Unique design of three-dimensional mixer equipment, fine polishing of the inner wall of the barrel, no dead Angle, no pollution of materials, convenient discharging, easy cleaning and simple operation, etc.;

10. The machine is sealed and dust-free, simple operation, convenient maintenance, long service life.In addition, according to user requirements, can be made into a pressure vessel for pressure or vacuum operation;

11. Mixing speed is fast, and the quality is uniform.The machine double helix is asymmetrical arrangement, one large and one small to expand the mixing range, so it is more suitable for the material mixing with a large proportion of different mixing ratios;

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