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The introduction of screw conveyor

June 14, 2023

The screw conveyor is mainly used for conveying powder-like granular and small block materials, such as pulverized coal, ash, cement, fertilizer, soda ash, sugar, grain, etc. The screw conveying equipment has novel structure and good sealing performance. It can carry out intermediate loading and multi-point loading in several positions, and the operation is safe, convenient and reliable. It is a kind of conveying equipment widely used in chemical, building materials and food sectors.


latest company news about The introduction of screw conveyor  0Characteristics of screw conveyor

1. The shell is made of high-quality seamless steel pipe, and the sections are connected as a whole through flanges, which can be continuously transported both horizontally and at large angles.

2. The driving device adopts gear reducer with high torque, low noise, no oil seepage and long service life.

3. The overall surface of the screw conveyor can be painted, anti-corrosion.

4. The material of the machine can be customized according to customer requirements carbon steel, part of stainless steel, all stainless steel.

5. Shaft diameter can be customized according to customer requirements, spiral blade one-time tensile forming without welding, more durable.

6. Different types of machines can be customized: U-shape, tubular, shaftless, and double-shaft.


Working principle of screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is the use of rotating screw to transport the material along the fixed housing and transport work, the head and tail bearings moved to the outer shell, the hanging bearing adopts sliding bearing with dustproof sealing device, the bearing is generally used powder metallurgy, the conveying cement is used felt bearing, the lifting shaft and the spiral shaft are connected by sliding block.


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