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The introduction of continuous vacuum conveyor

December 22, 2022

The introduction of continuous vacuum conveyor

The continuous vacuum vacuum conveyor produced by our company is a vacuum conveying equipment for powdery materials, granular materials, and powder-granule mixtures. It mainly consists of vacuum source, filter, stainless steel shell, rotary blanking valve and other components. When in use, it is necessary to configure the controller, air source processing components, air pipes, material pipes, feeders, and connection interfaces or brackets to form a delivery system.


It is a new product developed by our company on the basis of the existing intermittent vacuum conveyor. It has passed the "GMP" certification and is mainly used to meet the requirements of working conditions with continuous feeding requirements and improve work efficiency at the same time.

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Working principle
When the system starts to operate, the unloader

under the powder latest company news about The introduction of continuous vacuum conveyor  1collecting tank starts to work and continuously drops the powder materials. In order to prevent the powder from accumulating in the tank and not falling easily, a high frequency The oscillator can ensure the smooth discharge of powder. Through the material level control of the material level gauge, when the material in the powder collecting tank is too high, the suction will be automatically suspended, and the feeding will be automatically started when the material level drops.


1. Instead of the inefficient manual powder conveying method, it can be directly used in the production process to reduce air pollution and waste of raw materials;

2. The system is economical, easy to install and use - unlike expensive traditional large and complex pre-installed powder delivery systems;
3. Effectively solve the layering phenomenon of powder particles; effectively eliminate static electricity of materials, and have no pollution to the surrounding environment;
4. Quick and convenient disassembly and cleaning; automatic control, simple and convenient operation;
5. There is no heat generation during the working process, which is safe and explosion-proof;
6. No vibration, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving, low operation and maintenance costs.


It can be widely used in a variety of dry powders, such as fumed silica, white carbon black, expanded mica and other non-mineral powders; organic powders such as acrylic resins, silicone resins, etc.; fine chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates Production industry and all light powder conveying. At the same time, it can be used together with other equipment to automatically transport various materials to the hoppers of packaging machines, injection molding machines, pulverizers and other equipment, and can also directly transport the mixed materials to the mixer (such as V-type mixing machine, two-dimensional mixer, three-dimensional mixer, etc.), which reduces the labor intensity of workers and solves the problem of dust spillage during feeding.