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Separation of Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

November 29, 2021

Separation of Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

Eversun improves the separation of Black Soldier Fly sustainable food protein from bio converted waste material


Black Soldier Flyis called Nature's Degrader, have many usages, it usually is used as a source of protein to feed animals in the agricultural industry, whilst the oil and frass produced are used respectively in biofuels and as fertilizer.

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To improve the capacity, a customer found Eversun. They used a manual process to sieve the larvae, but since this proved to be both labor and time-intensive, sought another more efficient method that would effectively scale up to cope with demand at its new pilot plant. Following a recommendation from other companies who had contacted Eversun for similar uses, allowing it to exponentially increase its product throughput to 2 tonnes per hour.

According to their demand, we recommend our vibrating screen machine, and show the effect videos and report to them. Finally, with the installation of the round separator, this entire process from larvae to packaged feed takes 12 days. The length of time taken for this process is incredibly quick, in comparison to other more traditional methods, such as growing soy plants, or fishmeal. Overall, Eversun offers businesses a cost-effective, reliable solution across a variety of different industries.


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