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Pharmaceutical manufacturing vacuum conveying system

March 2, 2022

Pharmaceutical manufacturing vacuum conveying system

A major challenge in any pharmaceutical process is to move materials from one step to the next step. For example, in the beginning, you may need to move the powder from the mixer or blender to the tablet press or capsule filler. Finally, you may need to move the finished product from the tablet press or capsule filling machine to the packaging machine. But in these transfers, you may have some risks, such as product loss, quality control, manual safety, and cross-infection, and so on. Eversun vacuum conveyor helps eliminate these risks at the transfer point while increasing productivity.

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1. Sanitary conditions. The vacuum conveyor keeps the conveyed materials completely isolated in a hygienic environment during the entire process from picking up to release. This prevents workers from coming into contact with toxic materials and also prevents cross-contamination.

2. No product isolation. Avoiding segregation is arguably the biggest challenge for powder transfer. Separation can lead to inconsistencies in the composition of the mixture, which can lead to quality control issues. Eversun vacuum conveyor maintains the integrity of the drug mixture by keeping the percentage of each ingredient intact.

3. Easy to clean and maintain. They are easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble, reducing the time and labor required for cleaning and maintenance.

4. Small footprint. Compared to mechanical conveyors, vacuum conveyors take up very little space, allowing manufacturers to do more with less production space.


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