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Perfect partner-mixer vacuum conveyor

December 9, 2021

Perfect partner-mixer vacuum conveyor

Mixer vacuum conveyor is a kind of vacuum conveying equipment that conveys powdery materials, granular materials, and powder-grain mixtures to the mixer. The vacuum feeding machine can automatically transport various materials to the mixer, reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency, and solving the problem of dust overflow during feeding. It is the preferred machine for pharmaceutical factories and food factories.

The vacuum feeder has vacuum pump (no oil, no water), vacuum hopper, filter (including polyester film filter, pe filter, 316L stainless steel filter, titanium filter, etc.), compressed air blowback device, pneumatic Unwinding door device, material level automatic control device, stainless steel suction pipe, conveying hose, etc.

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The use of the mixer vacuum conveying machine has the following advantages:

1. It can improve the working environment, improve dust environmental pollution, reduce personnel and material pollution, and improve product quality

2. The pipeline transportation method occupies a small space and can complete the material transportation in a narrow space, making the staff's working space beautiful and generous

3. Don’t limited by long and short distances

4. Reduce the labor intensity of feeding workers and improve work efficiency

5. Simple operation, easy to install and unload, easy to clean, low noise

6. No stratification, no damage to the material soft landing particles

7. The inner and outer walls are polished, and the material is not bonded


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