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Negative pressure conveying in pneumatic conveying

March 22, 2023

Negative pressure conveying in pneumatic conveying

Negative pressure system refers to the use of pressure fan (vacuum pump) to produce system negative pressure, will be in the receiver and air evenly mixed powder granular material pumped to the storage device through the pipeline delivery system, mainly used in coal power plant ash treatment system, also known as negative pressure pneumatic ash removal system, for the introduction of foreign technology, its system design technology has been for domestic ash system designers fully mastered.


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1. No dust in discharging and conveying

2. Suitable for loose, low-lying places, broken bags and other conveying occasions

3. The air source is at the very end, and lubricating oil and water will not be mixed.

4. The pipeline presents a negative pressure vacuum state, and the material will not leak out.

5.Convenient air handling, suitable for clean air transport occasions

6. Suitable for a number of centralized transport to a place.







1. Manual feeding

2. Bulk materials, ground materials

3. Material conveying in open bag feeding station

4. Material taking in highly restricted occasions

5. Toxic material conveying

6. A variety of discharge ports to a conveying.

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