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How to explosion-proof the vibrating screen

January 20, 2022

How to prevent explosion of vibrating screen

How to screen some inflammables and explosives? For fine powder materials or flammable and explosive materials, safety is the primary consideration when screening! So how to achieve explosion-proof effect for vibrating screen?


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1. Explosion proof motor: vibration motor is the power element of the whole set of equipment. For explosion-proof vibrating screen, the vibrating motor must have explosion-proof function. Moreover, the explosion-proof motor used shall have professional certification qualification, and

no heat or spark shall be generated during operation. EVERSUN's vibrating screen adopts internationally famous brands of oli motor and ABB motor, both of which have national explosion-proof certification.


2. Air tightness requirements: another requirement of explosion-proof vibrating screen is to have good sealing effect. For finely sorted materials, if the vibrating screen is not well sealed in the screening process, the problem of dust overflow will occur. Once the space dust concentration reaches a certain density, it will cause an explosion! EVERSUN's explosion-proof vibrating screen fully meets this requirement and is completely sealed in welding process and design.


3. Incoming and outgoing materials: flammable and explosive materials will also cause overflow problems during incoming and outgoing materials. Therefore, it is essential to install a vacuum feeder at the feed inlet! A collector shall be installed at the discharge port. This can avoid the overflow of materials during feeding and discharging, so as to avoid the occurrence of danger. EVERSUN vibrating screen can be connected with our vacuum feeder to realize safe and hygienic conveying and screening.


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