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How to do maintenance for vacuum conveyor

January 24, 2022

How to do maintenance for vacuum conveyor

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1. The dust removal effect is poor

When the dust removal effect is not good, the dust accumulation on the surface layer of the filter element or filter rod is serious, leading to a great reduction in transportation, and can directly block the material. The cleaning of the dust removal system can use ultrasonic cleaning conditionally or use air gun cleaning.


2. The feed quantity is not stable

A typical example of an unstable feed is the material absorption form of a material gun because many human factors are involved in the operation. When feeding the vacuum feeder, the material should be as stable as possible. We can optimize the structure of the feeder. General materials include suction nozzle, throat, rotary valve, horizontal feeder, blower, etc. If the material exceeds the system's capacity, the system will clog.


3. Bad material characteristics

The material is easy to bond, bridge, has poor fluidity, poor moisture absorption. This requires designers to fully consider the characteristics of materials to consider the plan at the beginning of the design scheme.


4. Excess inventory

Many types of vacuum loaders need to store the material inside and then store the material before discharging. When too much material is stored, traffic becomes smaller or even blocked.


5. The material is too much impurity

Too much messy material, directly affects the operation of the vacuum feeding machine, this is more important, avoid chaos when conveying materials.


6. Replace other materials

In the use of vacuum feeding machines, we often encounter such a problem, the height of the vacuum feeding function of two different materials is really different. This is mainly because the pneumatic conveying material has a great relationship with the volume density, size and fluidity of the material. For example, the greater the density of the material, the greater the need for dust, the configuration of the vacuum pump gas and vacuum degree is also different.


The above is the specific reason for the normal work of the vacuum feeding machine, there are many reasons for the failure.


In addition to doing a good job of vacuum feeding machine troubleshooting and inspection, users for vacuum feeding machine daily maintenance, cleaning, and maintenance work is also very important. Our technicians have sorted out the three steps of maintenance.


The first step of maintenance: before starting up, the vacuum feeding machine should be preliminarily checked. The main check vacuum pump suction valve, pipe joints, and other relevant parts are sealed. Only in the case of good sealing, can ensure that the equipment will not fail in the follow-up work so that the work can be carried out stably.


The second step of maintenance: to observe the internal work of the feeding machine, once there is an abnormal situation or the internal vacuum degree of reduction, should be timely shutdown and maintenance of the machinery. And parts are found to be damaged, it is necessary to replace them immediately. In addition, the vacuum pump also needs to be cleaned at any time, always keep the pump clean.


The third step of maintenance: when the equipment is used, you need to pay attention to the vacuum feeding machine to clean up, and to do a comprehensive cleaning, to check all parts.


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