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How does the vacuum conveyor work?

December 8, 2021

How does the vacuum conveyor work?


The vacuum conveyor is a kind of dust-free closed pipeline conveying equipment that conveys granular and powdery materials by means of vacuum suction. The air pressure difference between the vacuum and the environmental space is used to form a gas flow in the pipeline to drive the movement of the powdery materials to complete the material delivery.

Vacuum conveying is a closed pipeline transportation. This transportation method can prevent dust and environmental pollution, improve the working environment, and reduce the pollution of the environment, as well as personnel to materials, improve the cleanliness. Because it is pipeline transportation, it occupies a small space and can complete the powder transportation in a small space, making the workspace beautiful and generous, especially not limited by long and short distances. At the same time, vacuum conveying can reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, which is the choice of some powder material conveying methods.

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The working principle of the vacuum conveyor:

1. The vacuum pump generates vacuum through the separation container of the vacuum conveying equipment. Inhale the material from the inlet through the suction hose and suction inlet.

2. Separate air and materials in the filter bin of the separation container, and collect the materials in the bin. The cyclone separator prevents fine powder from entering the filter to improve the efficiency of the filter.

3. When the silo is full of materials, the vacuum pump is automatically closed, and the pressure in the conveying equipment is balanced. The discharge valve is opened, and the material flows out through the discharge port and directly falls into the storage container.

4. When discharging, the filter cabin is automatically cleaned by the recoil airbag. Its special vibrator can assist the feeding to improve the efficiency of conveying viscous materials. 5. The discharge chamber is closed, and the entire conveying process starts again.


Vacuum conveyor are widely used in power plants to convey fly ash, cement plants to convey cement, alumina plants to convey alumina powder, pneumatic conveying raw meal powder, kaolin conveying, limestone powder injection conveying, mineral powder conveying, antimony powder conveying, wood chip conveying , Rice husk conveying, straw particle conveying, food-grade material conveying and other powdery materials.