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Features of Bulk Bag unloading Station

December 22, 2021

Features of Bulk Bag unloading Station

latest company news about Features of Bulk Bag unloading Station  0The bulk bag unloading station is used to realize the discharge function of bagged bulk materials and is a semi-automatic operation. The packaging bag is lifted by an electric hoist, packaging bag use rope of hung on a rigid support. Manual operation controls the lifting and walking of the gourd. It runs along the walking rail to the top of the unloading area and falls down. The packaging bag is placed on the support tray to make the material bag in the unloading position. Then manually open the unloading valve operating door, manually pull the unloading port of the bag into the unloading valve's tie port, press the tie button, the unloading valve tightens the cylinder to lock the bag mouth, and then manually lock the big bag.Pull down the discharge port from the discharge position and cover it outside the discharge pipe in the discharge port sealing box. Press the pneumatic control switch of the bag pressing mechanism to lower the sealing flange and press it tightly on the pipe end of the discharge pipe. , Seal the unloading channel to prevent dust leakage during the unloading process. Then, manually unpack the bag, and then close the operating door. Manually open the valve on the ventilation and dust removal pipe connected to the sealing box of the discharge port. At this point, the unloading preparation process is over. During this period, the ton bag handling equipment is fully sealed for unloading, avoiding the problem of dust.


The bulk bag discharge station has below features:

Simple structure and is easy to operate;

The flapping mechanism breaks the agglomerates during the bag opening process to ensure the smooth progress of the next process;

Fully airtight unpacking, no secondary pollution. Equipped with a dust removal interface, the installation of a dust removal device can prevent dust from flying, improve the working environment, and reduce production costs;

It can be directly connected to hoppers, reactors and other equipment;

Pneumatic or electric control mode can be provided to realize remote monitoring;

Low labor: Only need to manually operate the switch button, and the rest are all automated, which improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity;

                                                                                                                                Fast speed: the average unpacking speed is 4~5 minutes/bag


This type of unloading machine suits ordinary materials and large-bag packaging materials with poor fluidity, easy to absorb moisture, and agglomerated materials.


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