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EVERSUN solutions for tea industry

February 23, 2023



The transport of material in the tea industry, where a contamination-free conveyance is paramount, always offers us stimulating challenges that we face with high-quality engineering solutions.

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 Tea industry screening, transportation, mixing,   packaging production process


 Dumping station
 Vaccum conveyor
 Vibration screen
 Ribbon blender
 Filling machine


 Customer : UK black tea company


 Customer requirement:A UK manufacturer operating in a high   growth market requires packaging of various individual tea   products for sale to other direct sales companies or tea beverage   companies in need of tea.


 The customer requires a complete system to dump the black tea   in large bags by dumping station, then vacuum conveyor   conveying black tea from dumping station hopper to vibration   screen,nex,vacuum conveyor conveying separated black tea   from buffered silo to 1000L ribbon blender, after mixing and then   to be packed into multiple bag sizes of 5 to 25kg using a filling   machine system for maximum efficiency.


EVERSUN Solutions: The EVERSUN engineering team discussed the entire process with the customer to understand their needs and what additional equipment would be required to deliver a fully inclusive production solution, which feeding stations the customer would use, which sieving machines would be used for tea screening, where the customer would mix, Discharge (from blender) and use a vacuum feeder to feed to a bagging machine to pack the final blender product.


All process functions are controlled by a separate control panel, making it easy to change functions, maximizing customer flexibility.

As part of this project, EVERSUN provided a complete project management service, including installation and commissioning of the system at the customer's site.

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