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Dust-free feeding station protects the health and safety of employees

December 16, 2021

Dust-free feeding station protects the health and safety of employees

As more and more stringent regulations for manual handling operations are in place to protect food processing operators, it is important for manufacturers to adopt machines that can meet high production requirements without compromising operator safety. Companies are also under pressure to minimize the risk of inhaling dust and fumes. Manual handling solutions can be used to assist in the transportation, unloading and processing of industrial food bags and contents, and product sealing and ventilation equipment can be installed to further protect operators.

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A food manufacturer seeking to solve these hazards contacted Eversun and asked for an easy-to-operate bag tilting screen. This food manufacturer provides food flavors to many businesses. Flavoring agents and food additive powders in large bags are unloaded and inspected before being used in food processing. The company sought a large-capacity industrial sieve to screen food powders, equipped with bulk bag unloading stations and dust-proof solutions to protect its operators. In addition, the system needs to be integrated into their current production line without disturbing surrounding systems or downstream equipment


After consulting with us, the dust-free feeding station proved to be the ideal solution. The dust-free feeding station is suitable for the unpacking, screening and unloading of small bags of materials in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, battery materials and other industries. When unpacking, due to the function of the dust collecting fan, the material dust can be prevented from flying everywhere. When the material is unpacked and poured into the next process, it only needs to be manually unpacked and put into the system directly. The material passes through the vibrating screen to intercept large pieces of material and foreign objects, thereby ensuring that the particles that meet the requirements are discharged. In addition, a screening system can be added to the bottom of the system as required. The materials are directly screened after passing through the feeding bin, and are directly connected to the production line with an adapter and a vacuum feeder.


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