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Comparison of food grade vacuum conveyor and other conveying methods

January 18, 2022

Comparison of food grade vacuum conveyor and other conveying methods


We all know that the food-grade vacuum conveyor is a dust-free fully enclosed pipeline conveying equipment that uses vacuum suction to convey drug particles or powdered materials. It uses the air pressure difference between the vacuum and the environmental space to form gas flow in the pipeline, driving The powder material moves to complete the powder conveying process.


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The food-grade vacuum conveyor is transported in a closed pipeline, which can eliminate dust environmental pollution, improve the working environment, reduce the pollution of the environment and personnel to materials, and improve the cleanliness; due to the pipeline transportation, it takes up less space, and can complete the powder in a narrow space. Body conveying makes the working space beautiful and generous; at the same time, vacuum conveying can reduce manual labor and improve work efficiency, and is the first choice for most powder material conveying methods.


Let's introduce the difference between other conveying methods and our vacuum conveyor. Manual handling and mechanical conveying are common methods used by many small businesses.

1. Manual handling

Manual handling is the most primitive, the simplest, and the most common method of material transportation in China. Its advantages are simple principle, convenient cleaning, strong visibility, and convenient control; its disadvantages are that it occupies a lot of personnel, a large amount of labor, a large number of turnover equipment, a large space occupation, low efficiency, low automation procedures, and poor continuity.

2. Mechanical conveying

At present, the commonly used mechanical conveying mainly includes belt conveying and bucket elevator.

The advantage of belt conveying is that the conveying capacity is large and the material requirements are low; the disadvantage is that it cannot be closed or completely sealed, occupies a large space, makes a lot of noise, has many rotating parts, and is complicated to maintain.

The advantage of the hoist is that it can achieve a certain degree of airtightness, and a single feeding is more;


From the above comparison, we can see that our food-grade vacuum feeder has a great advantage and is the first choice for large enterprises


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