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Application of rectangular gyratory sifter

December 1, 2022

Application of rectangular gyratory sifter

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The rectangular gyratory sifter produced by EVERSUN is a high-efficiency screening equipment with large output. It adopts a hanging structure. It is mainly composed of feed inlet, observation hole, screen frame, screen mesh, screen box, bouncing ball cleaning system, motor, and discharge port. The sieve mesh adopts a pull mesh structure, which is convenient to replace the sieve mesh; the sieve surface is placed horizontally or slightly inclined, and the general inclined angle is between 0 and 5 degrees. The rectangular gyratory sifter reciprocates back and forth under the action of inertial force, and the screen box drives the screen surface to shake periodically, thereby driving the material to perform a horizontal circular motion. In this way, the material on the screen surface that is smaller than the diameter of the screen surface falls to the bottom layer through the sieve holes. Materials larger than the diameter of the screen surface are discharged from the discharge port after continuous tumbling and jumping motion, and finally screened.


The rectangular gyratory sifter is suitable for sieving and screening of various raw materials without destroying the structure of the raw materials. It is mostly used for various fine powders, ultra-fine metal powders and other powdery materials, and is more suitable for materials that are difficult to handle with general circular vibrating screens. According to the physical characteristics of different materials and the screening requirements of customers, rectangular gyratory sifter can also change the time and moving path of the materials on the screen surface by adjusting their independently adjustable speed, eccentricity and radial force, so as to achieve the best screening effect.


Our company can design different outlet angles, lengths, material tube diameters, etc according to customer requirements, and all parts of the machine can be customized to suit materials of various properties.


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