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Anti-corrosion method for vacuum feeder - Teflon spraying

March 13, 2024

The vacuum feeder mainly uses vacuum suction to transport materials from one place to another. During the transportation process, corrosive materials may corrode the internal components of the feeder, causing equipment performance to decrease or even cause failure. Therefore, for the transportation of corrosive materials, Teflon can be sprayed inside this vacuum loader. It can form a dense protective layer to effectively prevent direct contact between corrosive materials and equipment components, thereby achieving the purpose of anti-corrosion.


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Spraying Teflon inside the vacuum loader is an effective anti-corrosion method. By using this technology, the anti-corrosion performance of the Eversun vacuum feeder can be improved, the service life can be extended, maintenance costs can be reduced, and production efficiency can be improved.Therefore, if your material is corrosive, consider coating the interior of your conveyor equipment with Teflon.


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